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Company History

Founded in 2005, TPM, an Amynta company, was inspired by a startling revelation: the fact that one of the nation’s largest burgeoning industries – namely, Health Care – was largely underserved by insurers. Because Health Care businesses pose fairly high-risk exposures, insurance companies, for the most part, weren’t rising to the challenge. But we knew we could offer specialized solutions to answer the unique needs of the medical field. Plus, by educating people about the cost driving factors of Workers’ Compensation, we would be able to cut both the risks and expenses associated with it.

Fast Forward and looking ahead in 2020
Today, as an essential resource for agents and insured companies throughout New York and beyond, we’ve served the needs of hundreds of clients. We’ve grown from $0 to over $45,000,000 in written premiums we underwrite and service. We’ve even increased the Risk Management services we provide to clients that we do not insure, but who need this type of assistance.

Tomorrow's Challenges
As today’s Workers’ Compensation market continues to rise and rates increase, the work we do becomes more and more important. We’re as committed as ever as we strive to provide more: From expanded options in carriers and pricing to a larger number of states for the Health Care clients we service. It’s an ongoing effort to care for the companies that provide care to each and every one of us.

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