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Risk Reduction and Loss control

When it comes to Workers' Compensation coverage nationwide, we're more than specialists; agents trust us as an authoritative resource. Our true specialty is in delivering innovative programs and services to answer the challenges you face:

On-site Risk Assessment:

This service includes a comprehensive assessment of a company's current loss programs and a review of hiring practices, plus a review of loss runs to identify specific trends. Then we'll recommend customized programs to help reduce injuries & workers' comp costs.

Safety Committee Participation:

We'll attend a safety committee meeting and conduct a complete review of employee accident and indemnity claims including root-cause analysis. Then we'll develop goals and deliver an accountability program for supervisors and managers as well as a new employee orientation program.

Return To Work (Modified Duty) Program:

With this program, we'll create or revise a company's current transitional return-to-work protocol including Employee Incident Reporting forms and a Written Modified Duty program for returning employees. We'll also provide training for the point of contact for injured workers.

Cost Driver Trend Analysis:

Get a thorough technical analysis of open claims to identify the trends and concerns that can be corrected with loss prevention services. Together with claims representatives, the employer will learn to identify corrective action measures that may reduce injuries and Workers' Compensation costs.

Telephonic Consultation for Employer Representative:

Provides clear answers and expertise for any loss prevention and Workers’ Compensation questions that clients may have.

Employee Seminars and Training:

Employees will benefit from various educational seminars on topics including proper lifting techniques, patient behavior and physical-facility safety topics.

Customized Programs:

Upon request, we will create programs to fit your specific needs, whatever they may be. For more information, or to discuss a specific project, please contact:

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